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Kingsway is dedicated to the comfort, happiness and well being of its equine athletes.

Farm amenities include a recently remodeled barn, 100 acres of unique open space for hacking, miles of trails for relaxing, several all weather outdoor rings (including a regulation dressage arena and several rings with full jump courses), the area's largest insulated indoor arena with dust free, hybird leather/euro-felt footing and USEF rated on-site horse shows. There are several wash bays with hot/cold water, two heated tack rooms, a heated observation room and two heated restrooms (one with a shower). The farm is monitored by a closed circuit surveillance system.

Board includes:
Feeding (free choice hay, grain, rice bran)
Meticulous stall cleaning with bedding added daily
Bucket Scrubbing Daily
Turnout (a minimum of half day seven days/week)
Turnout Prep (booting, fly sheeting, fly spraying etc)
Standing wrap removal
Blanket changes
Salt block in stall
Documented night check
Feeding of owner provided supplements
Farrier, Vet Appoinment Management
Daily TLC for your horse
Individual tack cubby in one of two heated tack rooms
Individual designated storage space for trunk, blankets, etc

Proper nutrition is key to feeding any horse but particularly those who undergo the rigors of training and showing. The farm's feed program is based on excellent quality, plentiful Canadian Timothy and Alfalfa hay that is analzyed for nutritional content with each incoming shipment.  We feed Blue Seal and Purina grain and the feeding of pelleted, stabilized rice bran (an excellent source of highly digestible fat) is included for each horse. The feeding of long term unit dose supplements (i.e. Smart-Pak or owner provided baggies) are also included in the board rate.

We strive to provide each horse and rider with the most positive boarding and training expereince possible. Board includes feeding (free choice Canadian T&A hay and premium grain), pelleted rice bran, salt blocks in each stall, daily stall cleaning (including plentiful stall bedding), daily fastidious cleaning of water buckets, blanket changes, minimum half day turnout (individual or with company), wraps removed as necessary, feeding of supplements and medications, dressing for turnout as neeeded (boots, fly masks, fly sheets etc), documented night check and daily TLC for your horse. 

Board is $1200 per month. (discounts available with show packages) 

Kingsway is open SEVEN days per week from 8:00AM - 9:00PM.

We require that each boarded horse participate in an active training program equal to one lesson and/or ride per week. While many of the farm's horses and riders have competitive interests and participate in local and A rated shows, the farm does not have a minimum show requirement.


We strongly believe turnout is crucial to each horse's physical and emotonal well being. The farm offers turnouts from small medical paddocks to large grass fields and the farm staff is committed to providing each horse a consistent turnout routine. We cater to the needs of each horse and offer half day (4-5 hours) indivdual and small group (2-3 horses per field) turnout seven days per week (weather and footing permitting of course). In addition, during the summer and fall months we offer overnight (12-14 hours) turnout (for owners and horses who are comfortable and happy with it).


The farm was designed keeping in mind the advancements in research that demonstrates the importance of lighting, airflow and herd dynamics in the stalled horse. Each stall is big (12 x 12), bright (with natural and artifical light sources), and offers rubber mats, safe salt block holders with free choice salt and the ability for each horse to easily view other horses. Each boarder  has a large individual tack locker in one of two heated tack rooms as well as a dedicated storage space for blankets, trunks etc.

Kingsway Front Aisle

Kingsway's educated, knowledgable barn management is committed to keeping current with the most recent equine research in feeding, health care and management and maintains relationships with the region's most well respected equine professionals including veterinarians, blacksmiths, equine dentists, custom saddle companies and massage therapists. The farm's assistant barn manager lives on-site and provides the farm's horses with continuity in meticulous care.

With numerous on-site USEF rated horse shows the farm is committed to providing its boarders with the very best in care at an excellent value. Please feel free to email, call or stop by the farm for additional information on the farm's boarding and training programs.